Hedge Cutting

Our company provides hedge cutting and trimming services that ensure the compatibility and manageability of your hedges while achieving your desired design.

Hedge cutting is a difficult task and it is important that proper tools and machines are used. We also employ the best trimming techniques to achieve the look that you want. We also have training on how to prune informal hedges and trim formal hedges without damaging the leaf/hedges. We also observe the different wildlife laws especially the allowed length and height of a certain hedges. Formal and informal hedges do not have the same trimming maintenance so it is important how many times in a year a cut/trimming is done. This type of information is always taken for granted by others and could lead to undesirable results so it is always important to call professional hedge trimmers to do the job.

We do hedge cutting maintenance regardless of the size of the hedge. Premium services are available and they are very much affordable given the kind of quality service that we offer.