Turf Laying

Turf laying is the easiest and quickest way of having a beautiful lawn, but planning and constructing how your lawn will look, can be difficult. Our company offers the best service when it comes to planning, preparation and laying turf to create fun, safe and environment-friendly lawn in which your family can enjoy.

Customers don’t have to worry because all the needed materials and planning will be done by our company. We always make sure that sites are properly examined and prepared before we start the laying the turf, making sure the turf is placed in ground with suitable conditions. It is very important that the soil or the garden in which the turf is going to be place does not suffer from water retention or have unwanted weeds, as this might destroy and hamper the growth of the plants on the turf. We also offer advice and services on how to maintain the turf on your lawn, especially for newly established turf.

We always give the best service when it comes to turf laying because we understand the importance of having a good lawn, as a good lawn adds value and beauty to one’s property.