Weed Control

Weed infestation is one of the main pests in your very own garden. Weeds are everywhere and they are very difficult to handle, especially when they grow easily and can survive even in harsh conditions. Weeds do not just destroy the beauty of your garden, but they also compete for nutrients, sunlight and water with your grass. When weeds survive, your plants do not. Weeds can also cause some undesirable patches on your garden.

Weed control is one of the biggest challenges everyone would have in maintaining one’s garden. Our company offers the best solution in dealing and handling weed infestation. Different weed control methods are available but it is far more important to know and understand the characteritics of the weed. Killing the weeds directly may not be effective, as sometimes the weeds are also attributed by severe soil compaction. Weeds will just grow back again from this compacted soil, so it is better to correct or treat soil compaction before fully eradicating the weeds, leaving no room for it to grow back again. At the same time, herbicides must be used under professional care and guidance, as there are herbecides that can destroy grass plants and could lead to much more serious problems. Our company aims to provide you the best options when it comes to weed control, without sacrificing your budget and the welfare of your garden.